About Us

ARGJIRO is an Albanian NGO, founded in 2007 in Tirana, a dynamic and leading organization in the field of cultural heritage, promoting Albania’s culture and building bridges among people and cultures in Balkans and Europe.

ARGJIRO aims to establish and develop international cultural exchanges, raise public awareness for the protection of culture, the ways of transmissions of different oral cultures part of the intangible heritage, revitalize the cultural and artistic life in Albanian Cities, produce an publish cultural periodic in bilingual languages, work on the digitalization of Cultural heritage and preservation of the memory, organize musical events reveling history in Balkans and beyond.

Argjiro has been successful working in Gjirokastra, and other Albanian sites listed in the World Heritage Center of UNESCO, like Berati, Butrint etc, producing the periodic Art& Trashëgimi (Art& Heritage) as a bilingual publication, in Albanian and in English, a historical and cultural publication aiming to promote the Albanian Cultural Heritage, organizing the international festival “Musical Encounters Between Two Worlds” – 13  editions since 2007, a periodical activity for the revival and promotion of the cultural heritages sites of Albania.

What makes ARGJIRO unique in 12 years of experience is being professional and innovative, working in projects funded from sustainable donors and partners, local and international ones.